SENIORS – How to stay calm and use this time to your advantage to get into your dream school.

How to stay calm and use this time to your advantage to get into your dream school

We all have been affected by the current situation of COVID-19. Graduations are being cancelled, high school students are worried about their grades, their SATs, how to get started, and where to start. Here is the list of 5 EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES to use this time to your ADVANTAGE to get ahead. 

  1. Do some research and get a list prepared of the TOP 15 Universities you’d like to attend. The list should consist of 5 Reach Schools, 5 Do-able Schools, and 5 Safety Schools.
      • Things to think about: Which state do I want to go to? Do I want to be in the US or do I want to be in another country? What kind of study abroad programs do they offer
  2. Research majors and think about what kind of field you would like to study!
      • We suggest making a Venn diagram to compare and contrast different preferences
  3. Once you got #1 and #2 done, start writing a little paragraph (like a journal!) about why you would like to go to those dream schools and why you want to pick that major!
      • This is very important as it will significantly help you when you write your CommonApp Essays! Please note that once you start the application process, you will be asked to write 3-4 Essays for each school. *Varies by school.
  4. Figure out the requirements- How many subject tests do I need to take? Do they offer scholarships? ACT or SAT? AP Exams converted to credit hours?
  5. Map out your scheduling
      • EX) I will be taking my SAT in May and I will be studying for my subject tests over the summer and will take them in September.
      • Once you have a clear schedule in mind, and have completed #1-5, trust me, you will be ahead and you will thank us later! 

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