Does Tutoring Work?

 Tutoring can be considered the oldest form of teaching. In ancient Greece, children were tutored by tutors in small groups. Today, tutoring is still highly popular for the simple reason that it works. Whether for elementary school, high school, or college, tutoring has demonstrated proven results for countless students.
Some of the benefits of tutoring are the following:
  • A broadened understanding of a particular subject or area of focus.
  • A unique personalized learning experience that goes at the pace that works best for a student.
  • Sharpening existing skills and information, reinforcing what is already known.
  • Helping develop insight into procedures to obtain answers.
  • Building up skills and characteristics that assist in advancing on a chosen career path.
  • Providing a distraction-free space for learning.
  • Practicing skills the right way to get the right answers with a guide by their side.
  • Skills can be reviewed and sharpened when there has not been enough time in the classroom.
  • Increasing helpful study habits and skills to turn a student into a better learner.
  • Improving a student’s attitude towards both learning and school.
As you can see, there are numerous benefits to having a tutor. There have been a number of findings into college tutoring in particular that have yielded eye-popping results. Some of these are the following:
  • People who have a Bachelor’s degree earn $21,000 more on average than high school graduates.
  • Tutoring for SAT/ACT exam prep leads to a higher probability of receiving scholarships.
  • Being tutored provides, on average, an 86% better chance of graduating college.
With results like that, it is clear that making the time and financial investment for tutoring is well worth it.

What Is the Owly Method of Tutoring

Owly has a unique and optimized tutoring method that will get you prepared to achieve the best results. Thanks to one-on-one private tutoring, online or in person, every student who gets tutored will find success. Owly understands that every child needs guidance tailored to their own needs and schedule. Thanks to this refined approach to tutoring, students will develop good habits and high confidence in their abilities to succeed in school, regardless of what subject it is.
The Owly method of tutoring involves the following:
  • Evaluation/Diagnostic Assessment – We assess the students prior to beginning tutoring so we can create a tutoring program that is tailored to your needs and timeline
  • Custom Tutoring Program  – Each program is created for YOU.  Our tutoring programs are goal-oriented, including session-wise and monthly check-ins/reporting that is focused on data and qualitative feedback
  • Expert Tutors – Owly tutors are expert and vetted tutors with years of experience in a given subject, following a customized program that reinforces learned concepts, ideas, and information by measuring weekly progress to produce real results.

Wrapping Up

Tutoring is an extraordinary opportunity for students to catch up or get ahead. When someone has an excellent tutor, they are ensuring that they become an independent learner who possesses sharp critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 
Consider hiring a private one-on-one Owly tutor today, whether for high school or college SAT/ACT exam prep. It may very well mean the difference between falling behind and getting ahead.