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Nowadays, getting into the college of your dreams isn’t as easy as having a 4.0GPA and a perfect SAT score – it requires much more. Our experienced college consultants are here to help you get accepted into highly selective colleges that have less than a 10% acceptance rate. 

We aim to develop an academic narrative from the beginning of your high school career through senior year to ensure your course selections, extracurriculars, and enrichment experiences are aligned for the requirements of prestigious universities. 

Services for Seniors

We provide exemplary services for each step of the college application process, based on your needs. 

Our Premier Package offers all of the following services:

  • Diagnostic Academic Assessment
  • Class Selection
  • Advisement on College Entrance Exams
  • Extracurricular Recommendations
  • Community Service Recommendations
  • Internship Advisement
  • Finalizing Colleges for Applications
  • Early Decision Considerations
  • Primary Essay Ideation and Editing
  • Supplementary Essay Ideation and Editing
  • Essay Writing Workshops
  • Resume Presentations
  • Letters of Recommendation Guidance
  • Preparation for Interviews
  • Application Overview prior to Final Submission
Additionally, we individually offer the aforementioned services individually for those students who may need support with just one component of the application process. 

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Services for Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, and Rising Freshmen

When is it 

Speak to one of our College Consultants today for more information!  


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