Owly tutoring is a boutique educational services firm committed to delivering academic tutoring, strategy consulting, and test preparation programs designed around our student’s needs. One size does not fit all; every student learns differently, and so is our approach to private education. Our commitment to providing one on one education in home, online or a public setting goes far beyond just a test or homework assignment. We tailor our programs around your students learning style and habits, delivering results across the blackboard.


Academic tutoring

We cover all academic tutoring, from Elementary to College courses.

Test Preparation

Specially-designed programs with tutors who have mastered the standardized tests for college and private school exams.

Strategy coaching

Our tutors will go over your student’s test-taking skills and strategies. To make them feel confident and in charge of their tests and curriculum.

Our process


Identify your needs and discuss available options, strategies, and programs that are suited to your needs.


Develop a customized program based on initial assessment, feedback, and schedule.


One on One tutoring and test prep services with feedback and reports after every session.


Higher test scores, Complete comprehension, better habits, and more confidence in the classroom.