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At Owly Tutoring & Test Prep, we offer One-on-One Private Tutoring and Test Prep online and in-person. Our philosophy is simple: Each child is unique, and so is our approach to helping them find success! We aim to create an educational experience that is customized and tailored to your child’s needs and schedule. Our experienced tutors aim to help develop confidence and habits that will lead to success in every subject matter for years to come.

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Why Owly Works



Owly’s tutors have degrees from amazing universities in a variety of fields, so we’re sure to have the perfect match for you! We have specialized tutors in all subject areas, from core subjects to electives, with years of experience to boost your scores.  Our experienced tutors and Program Coordinators create a customized academic program to meet your learning needs. We are here to support with remediation, enrichment, and even exam prep from the preschool years through high school. Our tutors are focused on developing conceptual understanding while supporting the growth of positive lifelong habits.


SAT & ACT Test Prep

Preparing for these standardized tests is more than just learning the content – its about test-taking strategy, time management, and a deeper conceptual understanding of the content. We help you balance all of this to maximize your score in the time frame you need. We offer a variety of programs that are tried and tested to meet your needs – from private one-on-one sessions to small-group classes, in-person to online, subject area refreshers to deep-dive intensives. Our programs are designed to meet every learning style, in style!

College Consulting

Last year, Harvard University had 43,330 applicants with only a 4.5% acceptance rate.  Now, getting into the college of your dreams isn’t as easy as having a 4.0GPA and a perfect SAT score – it requires much more. Our experienced college consultants are here to help you get accepted into highly selective colleges that have less than a 10% acceptance rate. We aim to develop an academic narrative from 8th/9th grade to ensure your course selections, extracurriculars, and enrichment experiences are aligned for the requirements of prestigious universities. 



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